What started out as a seven piece Dixieland Combo hired to perform for Entergy at Hal & Mal's back in 2006, and later, a Swing Band for the Metropolitan Supper Club in 2007, The Jackson All-Stars was officially born in early 2008. The professional spin-off variety band of Mississippi Swing!,  the band performs everything from swing, jazz, rhythm and blues, funk and everything in between. The band is available for local clubs, fairs, festivals, wedding receptions, dances, casinos, award banquets, university and corporate parties, conventions, and other functions. The price of a performance is flexible and negotiable, depending on size of band needed, accomodations, and style of music you require. We treat our musicians with respect, by providing a fair wage for what they do best. Our prices allow personnel and time for equipment setup, take-down, and any other preparation needed before the performance. The musicians are some of the best that Jackson and the surrounding area have to offer. The band also occasionally incorporates special guest artists straight out of the Big Easy (New Orleans) to add a little extra spice to your event.

Realizing your event may require music in many different styles, we can recommend the best fit for your event. One size does not fit all. The larger the band configuration, the more styles of music that can be performed and the greater audience appeal. Rest assured, our musicians are professionals and can handle all your music requirements.We will do what it takes to work with you and for you.   We want your business!

The Jackson All-Stars hope to bring a diverse and exciting sound to the community in their own crowd-pleasing fashion for years to come.
Local jazz favorite Ezra Brown was on hand
for The Jackson All-Stars' first performance
at Hal in Mals, back in 2006.