Career Highlights

1934 - Born October 13th, in New Orleans.
1954 - Southeastern Louisiana University: Undefeated Football Conference Champions.
1957 - Graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University. Joined coaching staff of St. Aloysius High School, New Orleans.
1963 - Named Head Track Coach
1965 - Formed the First Cross Country Team in the State of Louisiana.
1966 - Hosted the First City Cross Country Championship, in New Orleans.
1969 - Won St. Aloysius's First District Track Championship. It was the first and only in the school's 100 year history.
1970 - When St. Aloysius and Cor Jesu merged to form Brother Martin High School, named a Founding Member.
          - At his urging, the State of Lousiana High School Athetic Association named Cross Country an official Sport.
1971 - Named Athletic Director of Brother Martin High School.
         - State Championship
1972 - State Runner-Up
1972-1974 - Helped establish soccer as a sanctioned sport in Louisiana.
1974 - Named Athetic Director of the Year by the State of Louisiana.
1975 - Helped arranged for high school double-headers to take place in the Louisiana Superdome.
1979 - Received Master Degree in Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University.
         - State Runner-Up
1980 - State Championship
1981 - State Championship
1984 - State Runner-Up
1980-2000 - Served as Chairman on the Faculty Advisory Council
          Founded the Brother Martin Summer Camp
          Served on the Board of Directors
          Served as Assistant to the Principal
          Served as Assistant to the President
          Served as  Director of Facilities
1990- Retires as head coach of Cross Country. Throughout his interim as head coach of Cross Country, Brother Martin was consistently ranked one of the Top 5 teams in State. 
2000 - After 42 to years of dedicated service, retires.
           Died November 12th of a stroke.
           New Orleans Times Picayune pays tribute to him in a news article entitled Living Legacy.
2003 - Recipient of the Louisiana Track and Field Lifetime Achievement Award
2009 - Inducted into the Louisiana High School Athletic Association/Louisiana High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame