October 13, 1934 - November 12, 2000

"Watching students and student athletes grow up is something I
would not have missed for anything in the world."

Words of Coach Schommer upon his retirement at the end of 1999.
John "Jack" Schommer was inducted into the Louisiana High School Athletic Association/Louisiana High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame in January, 2009. Known as the "Father of Cross Country in Louisiana," Schommer coached at St. Aloysius and Brother Martin in New Orleans. His teams won 19 city, 17 district, and three state titles before his retirement in 1999. Schommer died in 2000. Jack coached football, track, and cross country at St. Aloysius. On Elysian Fields, he coached track and cross country and was Athletic Director from 1971-1992.Jack becomes the third Crusader coach to enter the Hall, joining Johnny Altobello and Bob Conlin.

Louisiana Track and Field Association
Lifetime Achievement Award 2003

Jack Schommer - Considered by many to be the "Father of New Orleans Cross Country", Coach Schommer was among the first coaches in the state to develop a cross country program in the state. Along with Al Seither of Holy Cross and Ronnie Dole of Archbishop Rummel (both LTFCA Lifetime Achievement Award recipients), Coach Schommer organized all aspects of the development of the sport in the New Orleans area. Fielding some of the most competitive teams in the state for over 20 years, Coach Schommer laid the foundation of the perennial state championship contender Brother Martin High School cross country team.

Louisiana High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame
Inductees 2009
Jimmy Dale Anderson
Douglas “Mac” ChauvinKirk W. Crochet
Patrick Simpson Luke
John Barrett Murphy
John “Jack”Schommer
Alfred “Allie” Smith, III
Larry Totten Stegal

Brother Martin Cross Country Championships
1969-1970 - City
1970-1971 - City, District
1971-1972 - City, District, State
1972-1973 - City, District, State Runner-up
1973-1974 - City, District
1974-1975 - City, District
1975-1976 - City, District
1976-1977 - City, District
1977-1978 - City, District
1978-1979 - City, District
1979-1980 - City, District, State Runner-up
1980-1981 - City, District, State
1981-1982 - City, District, State
1983-1984 - City
1984-1985 - City, State Runner-up
1986-1987 - City
1991-1992 - City, District, State Runner-up
1992-1993 - City, District, State Runner-up
1993-1994 - State
1994-1995 - City, District, State Runner-up
1995-1996 - City, District
1997-1998 - State Runner-up
1998-1999 - State
1999-2000 - District, State
2000-2001 - City, District
2001-2002 - City
2002-2003 - City, District, State
2003-2004 - City, State Runner-up
2004-2005 - City, State Runner-up
2005-2006 - City, State Runner-up
2006-2007 - City
2007-2008 - City, State
2008-2009 - City