For musicians interested in participating in Mississippi Swing!, we rehearse on Mondays at Ridgeland High School from 5:45-6:45. While you are not required to make every rehearsal, it is strongly encouraged. New music is being distributed on a regular basis. There is no membership fee for joining the group, but if you would like your own complete practice folder, it will cost between $15.00-$20 (depending upon which instrument you play). The dress code for most performances is black pants, white shirt, and a tie.

Since 2004, over 100 musicians and volunteers have generously donated their time and talent to the Mississippi Swing! Big Band, Brass Band and Oompah Band Project -

Trumpets: Bill Mayfield, Anne Berthold, George Murphy, Jeff Carter, Cal Horlings, Sam Johnson, Jeff Reiter, Mike Jones, Marvin Milner, Wayne Linehan, Buddy Rogers, Cary Breedlove, Jim Peacock, Eddie Havens, Luke Ratcliff, Cody Morrow. Wesley Blount, Lee Schilling, Andy Johnson, Howard Thomas, Milton Baxter, Wayne Miller, Ryan Coffey Scott Britton, *Stephen  Buccola.
Trombones: John Retherford, Richard Tanner, Tim Golden, Jay Bennett, Bill Lumpkin, Patrick Hendrick, Bill Hand, Howard Jones, David Cox, Michael Weidick, Chris Munch, Blake Breedlove, Don Kilborne, Andrew McKay, Trey Bennett, David.Hale.
Clarinet: Raphiell Ashford, *Linda Forman, *Coralen Cain, *Joy Hawkins, *Ben Cain, Elizabeth Koskie - Schommer, *Bobby McClellan, *C.D. Hagan
Alto: Barbara Cox, Wayne Miller, Gordon Skelton, Rob Chapman, Heath Twilley, Jim Crosthwait, Landon Pollard, Silas Stapleton, James Chaisson, Judson Wright, Philip Moak, Roger Weil, Mary Kay Souther 
Tenor: Sherrill Holly, Jim Logan, Jeff Ely, Hugh Latimer, Wayne Miller,  Landon Pollard, Bob Karlak, Maurice Hillman, Booker Walker, Pat Cornacchione, John Powell, Deanna Emhovich.
Bari: Ben Finison, Bill White, Deanna Emhovich.
Bassoon: *Sally Cohen
E-flat Horn: **Trey Bennett
Tuba: Rayford Woodrick, Tim Green, Philemon Nelson
Baritone: Randy Jamison
Vocals: Lori Blount, Cary Breedlove
Drums: Bud Berthold, Greg Mitchell, Bobby Williams, Bryce Upshaw, Lindy Harris, Lori Blount, Steve Cook, Jeremy Hilton, Bill Richardson.
Percussion: Cucho Gonzales, Chris Blount
Bass Drum: **Bobby McClellan
Snare Drum: **Brian Upshaw, **Dustin Nugent, **Eddie Newton
Bass: Bernard Holly, George Reed, Derrick Brown, Wyatt Newman, Richard Smith, John Mason, Don Kilborne .
Piano: Elizabeth Koskie - Schommer, Richard Smith, Jeneane Mixon
Guitar / Banjo: Ron Welch, Rick Moreira,  **Adam Chapman, Alan Hoops.
* Oompah Band
** Brass Band
Band Volunteers: Becky McClellan, Annette Reiter, Taylor Volz, Anne Koskie, Jacqueline Schommer.