Musical Instrument Drive!

Mississippi Swing! is collecting used, but playable, musical instruments to distribute to local school instrumental music programs. Here are just some of the schools spanning several local school districts that have already received instruments: Rowan Middle School, Bailey APAC Middle School, Brinkley Middle School, Olde Town Middle School, Woolfolk Middle School, Power APAC, Blackburn Middle School, Hardy Middle School, Whitten Middle School, Chastain Middle School, Siwell Middle School, Northwest Jackson IB School, Davis Magnet School, Pelehatchie High School, Kirksey Middle School, Powell Middle School, Cardozo Middle School and Peeples Middle School. To date, over 190 instruments have been distributed!
For more information, contact
David Schommer, Director
at 601-951-9091 or Email him at

2019 Update

In 2019, 41 musical instruments have already been distributed

  1. NR. Burger (Hattiesburg, MS) 10 instruments, February.
  2. Central Cleveland Middle School (Cleveland, MS)  10 instruments, May
  3.  Morgantown Middle 5 instruments,  August
  4.  Olde Town Middle 7 instruments,  August
  5.  Vicksburg School District 7 instruments, August
  6. Obama Magnet 2 instruments, October


Since August 2015, over 190 instruments have been distributed to over 20 schools.

2018 Sponsors and Supporters

Bradley Foundation

Mississippi Association of Partners in Education

Jackson Public Schools


Around the Town in the South

Christ United Methodist Church

Pearl High School

Private Donations

Grammy Museum Sponsors Drive!

2018 Highlights!